CTC Top Management Commitment Statement

China Building Material Test and Certification Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called CTC) is a legal body that includes the services of testing, certification, equipment R&D, training, etc. CTC herein makes the following statement on CDM validation, verification and certification activities to ensure impartiality and independence:

  1. CTC abides by Accreditation and Certification Ordinance of People's Republic of China and decisions of UNFCCC to take validation, verification and certification activities based on credibility, independence, impartiality, transparency and discrimination;
  2. CTC provides service to eligible applicants, without additional financial or other requirements.CTC shall not handle the validation/verification business discriminatorily, including speedup or postpone applications intentionally.
  3. To ensure the independence and impartiality in policy formulation, evaluation and validation/verification decisions, CTC should ensure that the personnel involved are not under any business, financial or other pressures that would affect the certification process and conclusions.
  4. CTC will not participate in any kinds of activities that endanger the impartiality and objectivity of validation, verification/certification.
  5. CTC establishes validation and verification requirements, carries out validation and verification, and develops validation or verification report within the sectoral scope of validation and verification accredited by CDM-EB.
  6. China Building Material Academy is the parent company of CTC. CTC has clearly define and analyze the links with the parent company, entities belonging to the same group, the related bodies and personnel, and ensures that no conflict of interest will arise when providing validation/verification services, and activities of the related body will not affect CTC confidentiality, objectivity and impartiality, and will not impose financial and economic pressures on CTC.
  7. The validation/verification service provided by CTC is independent from the other services as product certification, testing, equipment R&D and training. The validation/verification service shall not be promoted or marketed together with other services.
  8. The acceptance of other services provided by CTC will not make the validation/verification service more simple, easy or economic. And CTC shall not reject, postpone the other services intentionally for the reason of not acceptance of validation/verification.
  9. CTC has developed procedures for receiving and handling the appeals, complaints and disputes from the project participants or other parities. CTC is willing to accept and cooperate with CDM-EB accreditation and public supervision.
  10. CTC shall observe confidentiality commitment to project participants, and shall not disclose information about project participants to any third parties without their prior written consent.

General Manager: Ma Zhenzhu

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