CTC Code of Conduct

The staff, as a member acting at following position in China Building Materials Test & Certification Group Co., Ltd., make commitments as the following:

□Class A:Management person
□ClassB:Director of Certification/Test, Business Manager of Certification/Test
□Class C:Certification/Test report approver
□Class D:Certification/Test report reviewer
□Class E:Certification/Test person
□Class F:Desk clerk

  1. Sincerely obey provisions of all regulations and rules and management system document of the company, and perform “Employee’s Commitments on Impartiality, Confidentiality and Professional Ethics (Certification/Test)” (CTC2-40); (Applicable to Classes A-F)
  2. Ensure refusing any pressure or influence during daily management, report review & approval,daily business handling and consciously reject all commercial briberies; (Applicable to Classes A-F)
  3. Not ask for, borrow, copy, save or spread non-public documents and materials without authorization; obey confidentiality provisions of the company and never disclose business and technical secret of the company and clients without authorization (and after leaving the company); (Applicable to Classes A-F)
  4. Don’t seek personal gains by taking advantage of the office; don’t directly take part in certification/test works; don’t give certification/test person inappropriate pressure or influence (expressly or impliedly); (Applicable to Class A)
  5. Take initiative to obey all laws, regulations, procedures and systems of the state and relevant authorities and actively accept supervision of the company and public; (Applicable to Classes A-B)
  6. Consciously resist all commercial briberies; never seek personal interest by taking advantage of the office; ensure that employees in the department can refuse any commercial briberies; (Applicable to Class B)
  7. Seriously provide technical training and professional ethics education within the department; don’t give employees in the department any inappropriate pressure or influence (expressly or impliedly) and ensure the report issued by the department are true accurate and the certification/test works are equal, legal and scientific; (Applicable to Class B)
  8. Guarantee that the employees in the department will not take part in commercial activity affecting determination of test result and technical consultation related to design, research, production, installation and use of the tested products; don’t conduct technical R & D wit materials provided by materials provided by clients; (Applicable to Class B)
  9. Guarantee that the report is issued within the authorized/accredited scope, report to top management(e.g. General Manager) and be responsible for the conclusion of the report; prevent from issuing any defective report; (Applicable to Class C)
  10. Don’t carry out any product development, marketing or other activity which may affect the objectivity and impartiality of the certification/test activity; (Applicable to Classes C-E)
  11. Within the authorized/accredited scope, seriously review and prove the report and original records and be responsible for the compliance of the report and original records and the accuracy of data; prevent from signing on any problematic report; (Applicable to Class D)
  12. Be loyal to the duties, maintain the objectivity and trueness of the certification/test works, don’t make up the original records and ensure the impartiality, legitimacy and scientific value of the certification/test works; (Applicable to Class E)
  13. Accept test samples within the authorized scope, seriously check the consistency between the test contract and the sample and be responsible for the compliance and accuracy of the test contract; (Applicable to Class F)
  14. Guarantee the payment according to specified standard, never threaten the customer, never ask for remuneration or other property beyond the certification/test contract; (Applicable to Class F)
  15. When receive the customer or answering customer’s call, ensure timely handling, standard wording, civilized language and enthusiastic attitude and never have verbal or physical conflict with the customer.(Applicable to Class F)

The staffshall accept supervision and inspection of the company, superior and public over his/her performance for above commitments.The staffshall accept any punishment (including warning, demerit record, demission, cancellation of labor contract and fine) against him/her for his/her any violation by the company and assume all arising economic and legal liabilities.

Approved By Ma Zhenzhu

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